Thursday, December 02, 2004

No Confidence Topples Ukraine Government

Just one week ago, on 11/24/04, the NYTimes quoted Colin Powell saying:
"We cannot accept this result as legitimate because it does not meet international standards," Mr. Powell said, "and because there has not been an investigation of the numerous and credible reports of fraud and abuse."
He was talking about Ukraine, where Tuesday the government was dissolved by a No Confidence vote in Parliament. Among other things, I'm going to call it proof of concept.

It is hardly reassuring, however, given what the Guardian reported on Friday: US campaign behind the turmoil in Kiev. This article describes Republican and Democrat affiliated groups who have been involved with orchestrating seemingly grassroots uprisings in Serbia, Georgia and Belarus. Thom Hartmann quotes heavily from the Guardian piece but also discusses the connection with the ready-made Republican election protest of 2000.

The ruthless honesty concept has been getting fleshed out more as I continue dialog with the We Do No Concede people. I can now describe ruthless honesty as a BS detector for lesser evils. It is a higher standard we must hold ourselves to in order to identify and avoid false alternatives. It is also a check against the cognitive dissonance created by doublespeak because it creates a frame around the gap between how we say we see something and how we actually treat it. For example, some people respond to the No Confidence concept with great mental solidarity - they get it. Then they talk about recounts or 2006, exposing the gap between the perception of "election" and the response to election. Such people are failing to be ruthlessly honest with themselves.

This is decidedly untrue for Carolyn Baker. In my last entry I quoted from her great piece How "Progressives" Gave The Election To Bush. Baker also wrote the must read American Born, addicted to Happiness. This is ruthless honesty.

And finally, it is a busy week for the No Confidence Resolution as I am presenting it to community groups again. I'll have more of an update by Saturday.



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