Friday, November 12, 2004

New No Confidence Primer Coming Soon

It is tough to keep up right now and I'm grateful for the help of friends in SF, Sacramento, NYC, and Tempe. The GuvWurld News Archive has been expanding faster than ever lately. Plus we've been doing some other outreach with the No Confidence Movement (read the new resolution).

In particular, I want to recognize the forums at Democratic Underground. I recently signed up and while I can't start new threads yet I am allowed to post to existing ones. A fair amount of recent GuvWurld traffic has been coming from DU (not to be confused with depleted uranium).

So, I'm done for the night tonight but I wanted to leave this note that I'll have a new No Confidence campaign primer by Sunday or sooner. Meanwhile, that last link will get you to the old primer used for phase 1 of the No Confidence Movement over the summer.



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