Friday, November 12, 2004

Letter to SFChron - Vote Fraud Concerns Not So Easily Dismissed

Dear Editors,

The mere say-so of a bible-thumping Florida election supervisor is not sufficient to "wilt" election fraud concerns ("If it's too bad to be true, it may not be voter fraud," 11/11/04). Less than two weeks before the election the Chronicle published "Legal battles could cloud outcome in swing states" (10/23/04). It should be no surprise when the more recent article doesn't immediately quell four years of increasing election fraud evidence, culminating with more than 30,000 "irregularities" reported from this month's election (

What would it take to restore credibility and legitimacy to US elections? For starters, paper trails all the way and no machines owned by private corporations. Until this happens, there is no BASIS for confidence in the legitimacy of the results reported from US elections. After an earlier bogus election, a large-scale domestic attack with myriad unanswered questions, and a war based on a fake threat, The No Confidence Movement recognizes and rejects the real-time manipulation of public attitudes accomplished by American media coverage shortcomings. For more information, please see:



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