Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Immediate Next Steps for Election Reform in Humboldt County

The Bush and Kerry campaigns have literally thousands of lawyers planning and preparing for the aftermath of the upcoming presidential "election." In Humboldt County, We The People should also plan and prepare for the aftermath.

In 2000, the unresolved "election" outcome was rightly called a "constitutional crisis." With another such crisis being manufactured we are facing a chaotic situation on the order of an earthquake, hurricane or tornado. For each of these natural crises we have agencies that have done a lot of advance planning and preparing, just as the lawyers are now doing for the "election."

As We The People plan and prepare for the aftermath, there are two immediate objectives. First is to formulate the outline of our response. Second is to involve the City Councils of Humboldt County communities.

Later this week I will detail a more comprehensive set of strategies. These will focus on topics including instant runoff voting and proportional representation, and how We The People can redirect our efforts from outreach and education towards plans for implementation.

In the meantime, the very next step is scheduled for TONIGHT (Tuesday 10/19). Please consider this a call to action and an invitation to attend the final Eureka City Council meeting to be held prior to the "election." In the three minutes allowed for public comment, I intend to inform the Council of our intention to be prepared with a response when the aftermath begins. I will let them know that we intend to work with them as a conduit to higher level state and national officials and as a means to further legitimize the organizing we do locally. I will also ask for their input regarding the most effective ways for us to win their cooperation.

Due to the rules of the Council meetings, the Council is not allowed to take any action at that time and the Council Members are not even required to respond. In fact, the norm is that they do not comment in response to remarks made in this forum. Given the timing and sensitivity of the topic, it would be a welcome measure of respect to prompt a response this time. If I am unable to do so on my own, additional speakers would be useful towards this end.

The Eureka City Council meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 531 K St. in Eureka, CA. Meetings begin at 6:30pm. I hope to see you TONIGHT!



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