Tuesday, October 12, 2004

101 Ways The US "Supports Its Troops"

"Support the Troops" is government propaganda. The following events are inconsistent with a government supporting the troops.

Did the Pentagon support the troops when it withheld medical data from the cold war, neglected to establish baseline medical records, or hushed information about vaccines forced on troops?

Are the troops short on chemical suits getting the same support as the troops short on body armor? Are these troops jealous of the other soldiers who got enough support to buy their own gear? As the world's sole superpower, the US military has warned other countries against even considering amassing a rival force, yet we still run short on rifles and bullets, and sometimes don't know who we are fighting. Unneeded body armor delivered in Kosovo embarrassed soldiers aware of the missing support it represented to the troops in Iraq.

The United States military is known for supporting its troops with the illegal weapon called Depleted Uranium. The weapons of soldiers in the field have been made nuclear by radioactive dust with a half-life of 4.5 billion years. DU is strongly believed to be the cause of the otherwise mysterious "Gulf War Illness," which is now affecting soldiers returning from the second Iraq war, as well as causing birth defects and cancers among American and Iraqi children of exposed parents. The United States can't and won't clean it up.

All of this support comes despite fully informed warnings from military medical officers such as Dr. Doug Rokke and Dennis Kyne. Not all concerns are heard. Some whistle blowers, such as William Lovett, Robert Jones and Stephen Funk have faced courts martial. For others retribution has been denial of medical care or psych ward lockup. Ever supportive of efforts to improve the military, news of faulty tanks, undefended helicopters and indeed even a report commissioned on lessons learned have been suppressed.

* * *

All of these links direct you to the GuvWurld News Archive, a vast resource of information the Bush administration would probably rather we not remember. This essay was supposed to go on until I had 101 references but I just don't have time to complete it. At this point I invite readers to submit further examples of the sabotage wrought by the US government. This can easily be expanded from the military to the economy, the environment, and many other topics.

Ultimately, I hope people will use the sabotage paradigm to show others how the political establishment, from both sides of the aisle, coordinates the disassembling of our best interests. For We The People to overcome, you and your Bush-backing neighbor must determine that you are not against each other and your preferred candidate, but rather united against Bush AND Kerry and their concerted efforts to perpetuate illusions and myths such as patriotism and democracy.



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