Monday, September 20, 2004

Random thoughts from this week...

You know it's bad out there when...

...Martha Stewart asks to go to prison.

* * *

In this era of the housing bubble, fueled by record personal debt and marred by unprecedented numbers of bankruptcies and foreclosures, the idea of an Ownership Society is as Orwellian as Mr. Bush's Clear Skies and Healthy Forest initiatives.

* * *

Questioning the validity of polls is coming into fashion. The ubiquitous Daily Kos has compiled a list of talking points. The Left Coaster is also on it, quoting from John Zogby and also linking back to another Daily Kos bit about Gallup's CEO being a Republican donor.

* * *

The NYTimes has recently dangled some phrases that reinforce common GuvWurld refrains:
Thursday's editorial frowned upon Porter Goss's nomination as CIA Director, calling it "cosmetic gamesmanship." This is materially similar to the simulated competition cited here.

Paul Krugman recently wrote Taking On The Myth though it only goes so far as encouraging Kerry to challenge Bush on national security, rather than detailing myriad ways democracy, capitalism, free speech and freedom of the press have become myths in America today.

* * *

Finally, equal parts absurd and surreal, terms of any potential Bush/Kerry debates are still unresolved, a great example of the simulated competition that perpetuates the myth of democracy.



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