Monday, September 13, 2004

More Suggested Reading

A while back I wrote that opinion polls should be among the collection of No Confidence skepticism targets (along with elections, election machines, election machine manufacturers, the Bush administration, Congress, the Supreme Court, and the consolidated corporate media). At the time I noted that I hadn't yet seen the same degree of justification with polls and would therefore exclude them from the campaign until evidence went beyond the universal gut. We're still not there and likely won't be until the inevitable poll-related scandal. Nonetheless, TruthOut has some observations about Bush's post-convention bounce.

Not so much for reading, but more for the interactive learning experience, visit They Rule, a site showing the six degrees of separation connections among the global elite.

This site also led me to the National Budget Simulation, a site allowing visitors to adjust percentages for various aspects of the federal budget. It then calculates your effect on the deficit. This is very close to the The People's Budget idea I've written about. I had hoped to see this happen through The National Priorities Project but I will now contact Mr. Newman at NBS with this idea.



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