Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Portland Re-Cap

My Portland trip was smooth and successful. I've added the KBOO radio interview to the nav bar links. It is much shorter than the others and is more of a news report that includes a few quotes from me. It is a good synopsis.

I also appeared on "A Growing Concern," a public access TV show hosted by Jim Lockhart. I really look forward to making that available here. Jim said a VHS tape is on its way. I'll need some help digitizing. Please contact me if you can help.

And serendipitously, while scoping out the Blues Fest on Sunday, I spotted an person who was interviewing people in the crowd. I dropped a leaflet on him and within 30 seconds his mini disc was recording. We probably talked for 10-15 minutes. He seemed to really get it, especially about advocacy journalism. I haven't seen the recording on the Portland IndyMedia site yet but he told me to search for it over the next few days and it will be added.

Somehow, I also managed to crank out a letter to the editor of the Oregonian. Besides the local paper, I read something even more important the other day at This looks like my dream think tank. All the strategies employed throughout the No Confidence Movement, many of which were being developed last year, map onto what the smartMeme team is doing. I spoke to Patrick today, encouraging him to watch out for news of the Council vote.

I confess I am excited that it is now the morning of July 7, 2004 and tonight the Arcata City Council will consider the No Confidence resolution. Between the 4th of July holiday and the increased public speaking I've done, recent reactions to the No Confidence Movement have reinforced my sense that we are unveiling an historic opportunity.



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