Monday, July 26, 2004

On Campaign Trail, Bush Postures For Peace

I really thought this Reuters story from last Tuesday was going to get more play (in GuvWurld News Archive, links to multiple sources).

In a highly visible interview with NBC's Tim Russert, Mr. Bush previously called himself a "war president." No Orwellian contradiction seems too audacious these days so I won't feign surprise that Mr. Bush would take the hypocritical pose of "peace president" now, despite the unanimity of the evidence against such a claim.

I thought this story *might* resonate because Kerry could have used it as a way to reframe the campaign. Kerry could transform this race at any time if he floated a similar trial balloon for peace. I've never really expected Kerry do such a thing, it's just that this was a unique opportunity that he could have used to this end. Instead, he'll continue to serve the corporate party masters and Pentagon warmongers, barely registering as even a false alternative.



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