Monday, July 26, 2004

More Guest Contributions

"Tuesday is my day to flier. I printed up 250 and pre-cut 'em."

(Eric, in Boston, targeting Democratic convention goers with the generic No Confidence Movement leaflet available for download
A letter to the Eureka Times-Standard from one of the people who recently addressed the Arcata City Council on behalf of the No Confidence Movement:
Dear Editor,

I fear that the only reason the Arcata City Council reacted so negatively to the strongly-named "No Confidence" resolution was that it wasn't spearheaded by one of their own. 

That could be the only reason why, subsequent to the public comment, a mudsling upon those of us who came to take part in the democratic process ensued. It was during this that one council member felt the need to refer to Eurekans as "outsiders who don't even go to their own City Council meetings."  To this I'd like to respond as follows:

First, if you really believe everyone has a choice in where they live, you have a lot more money than you think you have. Some of us don't  have that luxury.

Second, if you dare vilify me for leaving my area to go to an area that I feel has (read: "felt had") a more open and progressive sociopolitical environment, then you also vilify every immigrant who has left their country for ours for the same reason.

I went to a meeting in a town renowned for being on the forefront of progressivism, to help be a force for change and with a sense of common ideals.  Surprised and shocked, I left confused, downtrodden, and alienated.

I did not go with an intention to offend, but the decision by some council members to take my "outsider" presence as such proves to me that they don't see us as being in this together, which is really too bad.
Scott Menzies - Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Nepal/Education




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