Thursday, June 03, 2004

3 out of 4 ain't bad

The day didn't end on the high note I'd hoped for but overall today brought more progress for the No Confidence campaign.

I got the .mp3 of yesterday's KMUD interview posted well before noon. The interviewer, Estelle Fennel, really helped with the way she framed things so positively. She observed how much more clear and specific the resolution has become since she interviewed me on May 12. It seemed in several other ways as if she was affirming the exact impression I would ideally want to leave.

I spent an hour with Megan Vogel, a reporter for the Eureka Times-Standard. She was very curious and interested in the No Confidence movement. She really took a lot of time to understand that the local element is the immediate step but that there is an overarching strategy that will be triggered by the language we are proposing. She clearly needed her own complete context and prompted me for some background. Some people get what this is about quicker than others. It wasn't so much the speed for Megan but more the thoroughness. I am optimistic that she will write an article that will be, above all, enlightening.

Megan passed me off to Charles Winkler, the editor who said my editorial will run this Sunday. He challenged me a little bit by saying that there have been no reported irregularities with voting in Humboldt County. I pointed out that even if vote fraud was no where near as bad as it is, an election could still be thrown by a single precinct and we'd all be affected by whomever may take office. This should be of concern to people everywhere and it should be an issue at the forefront of our national consciousness. That said, the way we are addressing it is by calling for a series of local responses. After this he allowed that I would not need to revise my work to account for a local angle.

Finally, Veterans For Peace Chapter 56 allowed me to address their members again tonight. My staunchest ally thus far in this campaign has been Jim Sorter, Secretary of VFP56. He made a motion to endorse the No Confidence resolution as written. The motion was seconded and there was some discussion. The consensus was that people still weren't familiar enough with the language. I was not defeated but rather I was tabled. I have been asked to come back at next month's meeting when we will try it again. It is possible this was the best I could have hoped for but likely that is just something to comfort me. I had a goal that I did not achieve and I accept responsibility for that. If I did have a real chance at getting an endorsement tonight then the reason I didn't get it is because I blew it. And thinking about how my thoughts were organized and presented tonight, this is my self assessment. The upshot is that I learn a lot from a bad speaking engagement, and also that there is no fallout from this outcome.



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