Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Resolution Update

There was a spirited discussion at the Peace and Justice Center tonight and I am energized by the commitment to follow-up pledged by a solid core group. There were three goals planned from the start and we achieved each of them.

1. Get buy-in for a local campaign to get active and vocal support in the community for passage of a statement at the City Council.

2. Consider suggestions to improve resolution wording.

3. Start a dialog about what happens after the tipping point.

Here are some random highlights...

The next draft of the resolution will see the Whereas clauses narrowed to address only voting related issues, though the many that exist will each get their own mention.

A consensus emerged that calling for resignation is not the best final resolve.

We did not reach consensus on an alternative though we did discuss the nature of what it ought to be.

This speaks to the core of the strategy whereby the first Vote of No Confidence resolution to pass should serve as a trigger mechanism for a domino effect that leads to a tipping point.

More than any other social change issue or movement, this strategy provides a greater degree of control over the circumstances of the tipping point. It is, however, contingent upon finding just the right angle so that each successive resolution to pass automatically multiplies the pressure.

Ongoing discussion and more clearly imagining the circumstances of the tip will provide the needed guidance for revising the final resolve.

Our campaign should have a dual purpose educational element to it. This will enlighten the uninformed about how the electoral process has lost all credibility and legitimacy; and it will pre-emptively argue against the points perceived to be most likely to come from opponents.

Some new outreach opportunities were suggested. This should lead to more media attention, more speaking opportunities before community groups, and a small pack of other places approached with our idea virus.

Look for a new draft in the next two or three days.



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