Monday, September 05, 2005

Catching Up

Now that some personal matters have subsided it is time to revitalize the GuvWurld blog. This will be a summary of recent announcements and upcoming events.

This Thursday, Sept. 8, I will be the guest speaker at the monthly meeting of the Humboldt County Republican Party. Click here for background. Click here for details and a list of several other confirmed speaking engagements I have upcoming. The Republican meeting is an especially important bridge building opportunity and I am requesting the presence of all readers who can attend. It will be very helpful to show how many of us are on the other side of the bridge reaching out.

In this next week I will also be speaking at both the NoHum and SoHum events honoring Distrust Your Government Day.

The Humboldt Coalition for Community Rights is ramping up to launch their Campaign for Fair Elections & Local Democracy. This is a County-wide citizens' initiative to prohibit outside corporations from participating in Humboldt County elections. This group is highly organized and has a slew of events already planned. The Voter Confidence Committee will be working with this campaign.

Elections in Crisis! is an all-day event in Oakland, CA on 9/13. I was contacted about participating in this event but I can't attend in person. Instead, I spoke to Jerry Berkman, one of the organizers. He is a Berkeley resident who participated in the workshop I presented in San Francisco in March. I am helping him develop tabling materials and he says the Voter Confidence Resolution will receive promotion, along with the suggestion to locals that they follow up with their City Councils or Supervisors in light of my recent outreach.

It is with no fanfare nor mention on their site that Velvet Revolution has asked to be added to the list of endorsers for the Voter Confidence Resolution.

Alan Dechert of the Open Voting Consortium reported some good news out of Illinois recently. Governor Blagojevich signed a law requiring all records of election machine testing to be open and accessible to the public.

Last Friday I did a telephone interview with W. Leon Smith of the Lone Star Iconoclast in Crawford, TX. The paper previously published a press release I circulated announcing Arcata's adoption of the Voter Confidence Resolution. This interview was supposedly for an article due out this Wednesday.

Dennis Kyne--GuvWurld correspondent, Vet For Peace, Depleted Uranium expert, and now Katrina relief worker--has been sending me updates from Covington, LA where he is stationed with the Vets For Peace bus.
we are establishing a distribution line that has already proven to be functional

We have distributed thousands of tons of foods and supplies in the past two days,

We have only been here for two days. Thank you for the support, we have supplied baby formula to hungry infants, and we have provided basic human needs, to others.

We are upholding the United Declaration of Human Rights, the whole world should be here,

and if you can't come, support us by sending anything you can to

645 Kimbro Drive, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808 attn vfp chapter 116 c/o Ward Reilly

or donating diaper money at


If you are going to contribute to the relief effort, consider the difference between sending a check into the bureaucratic ether and sending physical goods to a specific person with impeccable credentials.

I do not think it is an exaggeration to say that Katrina changed everything. The same was said after 9/11 and it is again true. This catastrophe is unprecedented in so many ways. Among the best things I have read in response is this Declaration of New Orleans.



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